Trail is a revolutionary software for fixed asset management

Trail is a unique tool for fixed asset management – both for the actual use and usage planning. You can take it with you anywhere you go, so you will always have all the information you need at your disposal. Best of all, Trail is so easy to use that anyone can learn how to use it in just fifteen minutes.

Make better use of your fixed assets

Trail Fixed Asset Management helps you when planning equipment reservations and rentals, so that you will always have all the equipment for successful projects at your disposal when you need them. Trail helps you optimize your equipment use and avoid unnecessary equipment rental.

Asset tracking improves asset utilization rate
A mobile asset tracking system - Trail

Make better investment decisions – Save money

The ultimate goal of fixed asset management is to allow you to make better business decisions. Trail logs detailed information of your equipment usage, maintenances, and investments from your whole organisation. With thorough data, you will have a better understanding of your fixed assets, which allows you to make better investment decisions than ever before. By basing your decisions on detailed asset information, you will be able to spend your budget in the most profitable way possible.

Plan the maintenances and keep your equipment in working order

Trail allows you to draw up automatic maintenance plans to avoid defects and costly downtimes. All maintenance works are recorded into Trail, making it easy to analyse equipment malfunctions and follow expenses.  Furthermore, users can report defects easily with the Trail App so that maintenances can be conducted fast and downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Asset and equipment tracking for performing arts

Unlimited number of users and items!

Fixed asset management with Trail is easy and affordable.

After we implemented Trail, the equipment reservation process really started to work.

Ville Venell, Head of Production and Design

The Finnish Broadcasting Company – YLE

Our collaboration with Trail Systems has been fast and effortless. At best, our requests for features and changes have been implemented in a couple of hours.

Marko Myöhänen, Chief of the Hall and Studio Services Unit

Sibelius Academy

The barcodes help us identify our own equipment. This way, touring groups will not accidentally take them with them. Barcodes also help us identify our items quickly when doing inventories.

Antti Pylkkänen, Operations Manager

Helsinki Music Centre

The most important Trail features

Trail is everything you could hope for an efficient fixed asset management software.

All the information in one place

Trail Fixed Asset Management gathers all the information concerning your equipment, such as equipment lists, reservations, maintenances, and investments. After implementing Trail, you can forget about searching for information across several different systems, separate files, folders, charts and booklet covers. Trail collects all the information concerning your equipment clearly to support your decision-making so that you can make better decisions, avoid unnecessary purchases, and save money.

Equipment reservations

You can use Trail Fixed Asset Management to plan your productions’ equipment reservations and rentals carefully. This way, you can be sure that the necessary equipment is always ready and in working order when you need it. Trail helps you improve your equipment utilization rate and avoid expensive last-minute equipment rentals.

Maintenance planning and defect reports

Trail allows you to draw up automatic maintenance plans to reduce costly downtimes and ensure that the equipment stays in good working condition. You will always know what maintenance work has been planned for the equipment, and you can view the entire service history of all the items. All users can report equipment malfunctions, and the reports are immediately forwarded to the right technicians.

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