Trail Fixed Asset Management Release Notes

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Week 44 Release – 2018

  • Improved compliance maintenance inspection reports by adding a possibility to digitally sign the inspection reports
  • Improvements to advanced search. Users can now search with the following criteria:
    • item type
    • value of written off items within a given time frame
    • the total cost of ownership per category and model
    • items audited within a given time frame
  • Items list has been improved to show both ’Current location’ and ’Default location’.
  • A few bug fixes and general improvements

Week 43 Release – 2018

  • Improved maintenances by adding the maintenance steps into the exported documents
  • Improved the quotation in the sales module by adding a new field ‘Billing fee’
  • Improved the tooltip functionality to support understanding the more complex functionalities more easily
  • Created a new terminal application, which allows users to pick up consumable items and track their consumption
  • Search results in maintenances can now be filtered by item type
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Week 41 Release – 2018

  • Improved reservations. Now it is possible to define that two or more overlapping reservations cannot have the same location
  • Maintenance plans can be soft-deleted
  • Ability to filter reservations by the ‘Attention’ state
  • Added setting for calculating item weights for the ‘Packing list’. All weight calculations in ‘Summary’ and ‘Packing list’ exports will include item weights.
  • Added a possibility to filter scheduled maintenances and maintenance works by item type and by item’s model category
  • Added a setting that allows to add a reservation set to a reservation even though all of the items in the set are not available
  • Maintenance comments are now automatically added to the LOLER inspection report in LOLER inspections
  • General bug fixes regarding items’ bulk indexing and reservations with acceptances

Week 40 Release – 2018

  • Running a planned maintenance, and marking maintenance steps done have been added to the iOS application
  • Editing contacts have been improved and moved from admin functionalities to reservations and maintenance modules
  • Improved the load speed of stock models and consumables lists
  • Fixed a bug in reservations with an enabled acceptance setting

Week 39 Release – 2018

  • Updated item models
    • A user can now add department and location information to stock models
    • A model can now include only individual items or stock items but not both
  • Project management feature updates
    • Ability to define users’ working days and vacations days for a project
    • Ability to add sub-projects to a project
  • Fixed ‘Add and continue’ button for adding items/shared items to the reservation
  • Fixed model reservation report bar chart tooltip

Week 38 Release – 2018

  • Cost of spare parts is now added to the maintenance cost and is reflected in the item’s total cost of ownership
  • When cloning an item, a user can now set a sequential numbering for the clones’ serial numbers and custom identifiers.
    • In order to enable this setting, organisation’s main user should request it from
  • Sub-locations’ labels can now be printed from the parent location’s page with one click
  • When returning an item with the ’Return items’ widget, Trail shows a message “Please return the item to [LOCATION]”
    • In order to enable this setting, organisation’s main user should request it from
  • Users can now be searched and filtered according to their creation date
  • Column name ’Items’ in the consumables view is changed to more descriptive ’Number of items’
  • Bug fixes