Let Trail take care of your equipment during your vacation

In many companies, the equipment doesn’t rest even though people in charge of managing it would be enjoying their well-deserved vacation. The equipment of a company needs to be working and taken care of even during the holidays. A smart digital asset management system automatises and eases managing fixed assets and helps to share the responsibility of it. Smart and effective asset management creates peace of mind and decreases the need for remembering. The responsibility of the equipment will no longer be a matter of one person and taking care of the assets becomes a matter of common concern. A digital asset management system saves time and helps to automatize many of the processes that usually require people to run them. This article introduces functionalities of Trail that ease your workload and helps you to make the most of your vacations!

The equipment register makes it easy to find the right devices

The equipment register in Trail is cleverly organized which makes it easier for the users to find the right devices. Trail allows you to search for devices by category, model, or tag. This makes it easier to find the right device, which in turn frees up the time and the need to be on-site. However, also in educational institutions, where choosing the right equipment is part of the studies and requires help of the instructors, the equipment is better displayed which make it easier to form an overall picture.

A digital reservation system makes reserving devices transparent and easy

Many organizations have a need for a reservation system for devices that are being used collectively. When making devices reservable for the community members, it is important to be able to track to whom and how long the equipment will be reserved. The equipment is managed in a transparent and responsible way when it’s done through a common digital system and the necessary people have access to the system. In a reservation system, the equipment is easily displayed, whereby the equipment will be easily found and the utilization rates for the equipment are formed according to their demand, not, for example, how well the equipment is displayed in a warehouse. A carefully organized equipment register combined with an electronic reservation system reduces the workload and the need for supervision. Trail even recalls late returns and develops solidarity within the community.

Reminders of regular maintenance ensure that maintenance is up-to-date

One of the most important aspects of asset management is regular maintenance and keeping the equipment up-to-date. In some cases, up-to-date servicing is required by law and might even require a functional reminder system.

Trail’s automatic maintenance plans and reminding function ensure that your equipment stays in good working condition and can even extend the life of your equipment. Regular maintenance has a direct impact on the operational safety of the device and keeping up-to-date with statutory maintenance. Trail collects equipment lifecycle data to one place and also provides easy access to maintenance history and item-specific information.

Default reports help to avoid using defective devices

Even if the equipment is serviced regularly, there is still a chance for malfunctions or breakage in devices. It is quite common that in the case of equipment being broken and waiting for getting repaired the right person is not aware of the malfunction and access to repairing is delayed. In the worst case, it can even be considered lost and needlessly replaced. To avoid this it’s very important that information about the fault status is communicated to the people responsible for the devices and the users of the devices. It ensures the device is not used when being defective. Trail enables defect reports and doesn’t allow reserving the item before it has been repaired and is safe to use again.  When a device is flagged as defective and returned to service only after repairing, the use of the defective device will not cause hazards and the device will be available as soon as possible. Trail’s defect reports improve safety and keep the equipment in good working condition.

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