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The Sibelius Academy is responsible for providing the highest level of academic music education in Finland. The Academy operates in six different locations, and there are a total of 1 400 students, 230 teachers and 140 other employees at the Academy. The Sibelius Academy organizes hundreds of concerts every year.

The equipment at the Sibelius Academy’s Department of Music Technology consists of over four thousand units, which students, teachers and the staff use in their productions. The Academy needed a system with which they could follow equipment use and make sure that there would be enough equipment for all productions.

We wanted to analyse the efficiency of our purchases through life cycle costs and service history and use this information when making investment plans.

The equipment at the Sibelius Academy is tagged both with barcodes and RFID tags. This way, borrowing and returning the equipment can be done very quickly. Printing out the barcodes and attaching the RFID tags is easy, and you can do it directly from Trail. The Academy chose a wear-resistant label that will not come off and remains legible even in heavy use.

The Sibelius Academy purchased Trail as a turnkey cloud service, where Trail Systems handles all the maintenance and service work.

Main reasons for choosing Trail:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Secure web-based solution, complete with Shibboleth login
  • Support and advice provided by Trail Systems

Received benefits:

  • Monitoring the equipment utilization rate – utilization rate has improved significantly
  • All equipment information available centrally in one place, anywhere you go
  • The usefulness of the information when making decisions

Gert started with efficient asset management

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