Managing the assets in a software company

Eficode employs nearly 100 software professionals who all share the desire to learn, develop better ways to do things, and handle projects properly. When a company’s operations are based on the idea of building software products with uncompromising efficiency for their customers’ business needs, the company’s own asset management and their efficient use plays a very important role in everyday work.

The software company Eficode started using Trail in the autumn of 2014 in order to more reliably follow their workers’ equipment use and its maintenance costs and the utilization of equipment investments.

Main reasons for choosing Trail:

  • Very cost-effective total service, with the information available anywhere.

Received benefits:

  • Improved equipment utilization rate
  • Maintenance and fault monitoring and faster response
  • Investment planning
  • Equipment information more readily available in the place where the information is needed at the time

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